Friday, August 5, 2011

How to stay active

I am realizing that I am not active enough to lose weight. I don't eat as healthy as I need to. And I am not active enough at all. I am going shopping tomorrow for diet type foods, but then I am left with the issue of not being active enough. The heat wave that is happening is making it hard to want to workout. I have a few older DVDs I can use and a stationary bike, but the motivation to actually do such things, just isn't there. I think it is because I am too comfortable. I keep giving myself excuses. Such as, it is to hot, which it is. Or that I have a headache, which more times than not I truly do, but why are these small things becoming such big walls to me now? I don't want my weight to creep up to my all time high again. 300lbs was just to much. I am only 50 pounds away from my main goal, yet it seems so far out of my grasp. I don't want to try a fad diet and drop the weight fast, because I know, that doesn't work. Yes I want to get the weight off, but getting it off fast, doesn't mean it will stay off. You wont stay at the calorie intake you are currently at if you try to just rid it of your body fast. So You have to relearn. I am at the point of relearning.

Also, at the point of tackling my demons and trying to get active again.


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